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In the midst of the current housing market crisis, there is a percentage of people who have just decided to walk away from their mortgage. For some they had a role in making the decision and for others it was made for them. The two main reasons why people chose to do this are a negative equity in the home and job losses, or a combination of both. We also told oHerne the Hunterangs what we should do if you are upside down for your mortgage in our Help A Reader segment.

Negative equity

I am currently employed and have never missed a payment in my house during this entire economic and housing debacle. I think I’m one of the happier ones. However, recent research I did found that houses in my own neighborhood were already sold for $ 38,000. Although I expected this figure to be low, it was shocking to me. I bought mine for $ 105K in 2000. Because most of the houses in my neighborhood are about the same size, my initial assessment of the situation was that I still owed about $ 96K to my house and if I had to sell it I would lucky to get $ 50K.

Walk away?

So it makes sense that a logical person just runs away from this mortgage, right? I owe twice what my house is worth. The math is short and easy. It can take tens of years for this situation to be balanced and I would be better off if I just walk away and start over, correct?

Too many reasons not to

When I thought about it in more detail and received opinions from some experts, the answer turned out to be a resounding “No” at least in my situation.

Your credit score

If you decide to walk away from your mortgage, your credit will strike a huge blow that can take up to ten years to recover from. Ten years is very long. Yes, you can get some relief in the short term, but a bad credit score will haunt you for years to come.

Unethical / unpatriotic

Unethical / unpatriotic

I am firmly convinced that, as long as I am able to do so, I will continue to make my monthly housing payment and simply ‘hate it’ because of this fall in the housing market. If I ever lose my job, the story will of course change. However, if you can make your payment and simply choose not to do so due to the economic situation, that is both unethical and unpatriotic for me. There are now enough negative forces that affect our economy; we no longer have any impact on it.

Markets can and will return

Markets can and will return

Although it is hard to believe at the moment, the markets can and will return. They always do that. Or they have always done that. It may take quite some time for the markets to return to where they were only recently, but now is definitely not the time to give up hope. Are they already coming back? According to the people I spoke to, Herne the Hunterijk does not yet warn, but at least the falls seem to have turned. A trick I learned from a broker in my area is comparing recent sales and listing prices. For example, if recent sales are $ 75,000 and deals are $ 90,000 (assuming most homes in your neighborhood are about the same size), your individual market is still in decline. If the tables are turned over and offers are lower than the actual sales, the market starts to come back.

Exclude foreclosures

Exclude foreclosures

If you ever decide to look at what home sales in your specific region do, take into account the exclusion of foreclosure sales. This is where I originally got my shocking songs. The houses sold in the 1930s and 1940s were foreclosure sales. Unless you intend to foreclose, your house would not sell so low.

Consider serious refinancing


One conclusion I have drawn so far is that refinancing my current mortgage would be in my interest and I have decided to follow one. Why? Rates are as low as in history. I am reducing my loan from 6% to around 4, 25% and am going to lower my payment by around $ 100. There are no cash expenses for me. There are closing costs involved (as always) but instead of paying them in advance, I simply add three years at the end of the mortgage and I also immediately receive a monthly Herne the Hunterijke saving. For me the longer duration of the mortgage is not really important because I intend to stay at my house for the long term and be there for the full length of the loan. For more information about an actual refinancing, consult a recent message from one of our writers (including tips from you, the readers) with the question: Do I have to refinance my mortgage?

It is my firm belief that unless circumstances dictate that you should not walk away from your mortgage. It has many more benefits to stick to your current mortgage and simply fix it. The future is probably Herne the Hunterijk not as bleak as you think it is, the markets will come back (they always do it), and if you can just “bury your head in the sand” regarding your house bill for the foreseeable future I think you ‘I will find that you have made the right decision.

The housing market is a fairly hot-button issue these days. Share your opinion about the market, the potential return and the refinancing below. Do you think it is smart to do to walk away from your mortgage? Is it ethical to do?

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The mortgage and the differences: how is it calculated? /the-mortgage-and-the-differences-how-is-it-calculated/ Fri, 03 May 2019 12:00:57 +0000 Read More »]]>

The APR of the loan is the global annual effective rate , an indicator of the cost of the loan, which includes the interest plus ancillary expenses . A mortgage is a loan from a bank or other credit institution for the acquisition or renovation of a property. The borrower must then recognize the bank a certain interest rate, expressed as a percentage of the loaned capital. Usually, the interests are one of the most important aspects to consider when comparing the financing among them and the convenience is calculated. We must therefore be able to distinguish between the APR and the TAN .

The nominal annual rate and is the rate that is applied to any financing

financing money

So when you hear about “zero interest loans”, it is the TAN that is referred to. Also in the case of mortgages, the TAN is expressed as a percentage to be paid to the bank, calculated on the total of the loaned capital. The detail to be taken into consideration is that this will not be the only payment the borrower will have to make.

In fact, the opening of a mortgage, in addition to the recognition of interest to the bank, also includes other expenses, which could be overshadowed. For this reason the APR is an interest rate that adds to the TAN all the accessory expenses necessary for the subscription of a mortgage. This rate is calculated on an annual basis and will naturally be higher than the TAN. Given its conformation, the APR is therefore a better indicator of the total cost of the loan (interest + ancillary costs) than the TAN, and therefore it is always good to use it to compare the different loans.

The expenses that are counted in the APR are:

  • the interests;
  • the cost of the preliminary investigation;
  • the cost of opening the file;
  • the expenses for the collection of the installments;
  • the costs for compulsory insurance, such as the outbreak and fire policy, and for those required for the opening of certain types of contract;
  • the remuneration paid to a credit intermediary who facilitated the financing;
  • tax charges, such as stamp duty.

Notary fees are not calculated within the mortgage 

Notary fees are not calculated within the mortgage 

However, there are many online simulation tools of this rate, which allow you to get a result by entering some easy-to-find information such as the amount of the loan, the duration of the loan, the value of the initial and periodic expenses, and the interest rate .

Mortgage rates – differences between fixed, variable and mixed rates /mortgage-rates-differences-between-fixed-variable-and-mixed-rates/ Mon, 22 Apr 2019 12:56:22 +0000 Read More »]]>

Here is a brief preview of the types of rates we can choose when we are going to structure a mortgage transaction:

Fixed rate
The rate, whose reference rate is the EURIRS (Euro Interest Rate Swap), remains unchanged for the entire duration of the loan as well as the installment.
Fixed-rate mortgages are advisable for those who expect inflation to increase or want to know immediately the amount of debt contracted and the exact amount of the installments they will pay over time.

Variable rate

The variable rate, whose reference rate is the EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate), as well as the installment varies based on market conditions.
Variable rate mortgages can be redeemed for those who expect a declining inflation or are more prone to risk.

Mixed rate
The mixed rate can be modified over the time frame of the loan passing from the fixed rate to the variable rate based on the contract conditions.
Mixed rate mortgages are advisable for those who do not intend to determine a reference rate immediately or in the event that the market conditions are sufficiently uncertain for which there is no precise inflation forecast.

Capped Rate

Loan Rate

The Capped Rate rate is a variable rate with a pre-established maximum limit that cannot be exceeded even if the market conditions vary considerably to the detriment.
Capped rate mortgages are advisable for those who favor a variable rate mortgage solution but want to limit their risks

Balanced Rate


The balanced rate is composed of a part of a fixed rate and a part of a variable rate.
Balanced-rate mortgages are advisable for those who do not want to take the risk of a variable rate and want to balance the benefits with the fixed rate.

Simplify Your Finances: Organize Your Investments /simplify-your-finances-organize-your-investments/ Thu, 11 Apr 2019 14:48:17 +0000 Read More »]]>

 Simplifyng your investment strategy is a continuous process. It takes time to perfect. I am not even close to perfecting the investment strategy, partly because I was just starting to invest last year. But I will reveal to you my thoughts on how I want to invest in the next ten to twenty years. My strategy includes a pension account and investment in real estate.

Retirement Account (75% of the investment strategy): At the moment I am contributing the maximum amount to my 401 (k) which gives me the maximum matching contribution from my company. I deduct 6% of my income and receive 3% additional contributions from my company. If your company has a 401 (k) plan with a matching premium benefit, do NOT give this up. It’s free money and you can’t lose free money if you want to get rich. You can choose to have a 401 (k), an IRA or both. I’m going to keep my 401 (k) and soon open a Roth IRA, because I don’t like the limited amount of investment choices in my 401 (k). If you are younger than 40, I invest in your pension account in investment funds, investment funds and index funds. If you are over 40 years old, you may want to be a little more conservative with your investments, but you can still choose large-cap growth funds and index funds. You may want to use a high-yield bond fund or a growth fund that pays its dividend.

Investing in real estate (25% of the investment strategy): I will eventually build up a real estate portfolio, but I will do it in the unconventional way. I will pay in cash for my property, so the cash flow will be 100% less maintenance and tax costs. It is the only real fire to win with real estate. If you buy an investment property without money and expect to keep it for valuation, you can lose your shirt.

The most simplified investment strategy:

  1. Open a Roth IRA
  2. Buy 3 index funds and 3 large-caps Growth Mutual Funds
  3. Put 15% of your salary systematically on the account.
  4. Do not touch the account for at least 20 to 30 years!



Investment strategies for active military duties

Investment strategies for active military duties

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4 Family Loans for Fair Credit /4-family-loans-for-fair-credit/ Thu, 28 Mar 2019 14:54:15 +0000 Read More »]]>

The best places to apply for a personal unsecured family loan are if you only have a fair credit, are credit associations or sources for borrowing family income, such as peer-to-peer lenders Prosper or Upstart. Traditional banks are generally deterred from providing personal loans to someone with less than real credit, which means a credit score of 700 or higher. However, credit unions and oJarndyce familyine lending sources often have slightly less stringent requirements, accepting candidates with credit scores below 700 or even slightly below 650.

Another option to get a loan with fair credit is to recruit a co-signer, such as a family member, who has excellent credit. Pouring out your outstanding debt as far as possible prior to applying for a personal loan can increase your chances of approval, because the level of your total outstanding debt and your monthly debt obligations are important factors that lenders consider when assessing your credit application. .

Credit Unions

 Credit Unions

Credit unions are generally less strict with their lending criteria than traditional banks and often also offer lower interest rates. Dealing with a local credit association is also the quickest way to get money within reach, as opposed to using sources for oJarndyce familyine loans that usually take a week or more to finance your loan after approval. Your chances of being approved for a personal family loan increase if you already have an existing checking account, savings account or another loan with the credit union.

Penfed Credit Union is a credit union that operates nationwide and offers permanent family loans. You must become a member of the credit union before you sign up, but you can also do this oJarndyce familyine. Penfed offers persooJarndyce family loans up to $ 25,000 with a term of up to five years. Penfed also offers credit lines, which can be an easier, cheaper way to get the money you need if you don’t need it at once. The lowest interest rate offered on a credit line is the prime rate plus 7%, which is adjusted quarterly. The lowest rate offered on a standard personal family loan is 10.25%, as of December 2015, available for loans with a repayment term of no more than three years. Veterans receive preferential treatment. Penfed does not charge any costs for making loans.



Prosper is one of the oldest and more famous oJarndyce familyine peer-to-peer lenders. Prosper is usually a little less demanding on credit scores than Lending Club, a comparable peer-to-peer lender. Loan applications can be approved with credit scores as low as 640. One of the drawbacks to using Prosper, as opposed to using a local or oJarndyce familyine credit union, is that it usually takes a maximum of two weeks to complete your loan. have it financed. Prosper is active in all states except Iowa, North Dakota and Maine and offers loans from $ 2,000 to $ 35,000, with repayment terms up to three to five years. Rates range from 7 to 34% and are heavily influenced by your credit score. Loan origination costs range from 2 to 5% of the loan amount, and these are also influenced by your credit score.



Upstart is another oJarndyce familyine peer-to-peer lender that considers applicants with credit scores of only 640. The start-up process requires that your monthly payments do not exceed 55% of your monthly income. The company is a bit different in that it takes into account the schools visited, numbers and work history, especially for younger borrowers with a limited credit history. Upstart offers loans of up to $ 35,000 for a maximum of three years. The interest rates are lower at the top than with most peer-to-peer lenders, with a maximum of 22%. The minimum rate is 4. 67%. The start-up costs of the start-up vary from 1 to 6% of the total loan amount. Upstart is available in all 50 states.



Avant is an oJarndyce familyine lender that takes into account applicants with a credit score of just 580. However, interest rates are some of the highest, ranging from 9.95 to 39.5%. Avant offers loans up to $ 35,000 for terms up to five years. Avant loans are available in 47 states + Washington DC Avant generally processes and finances loans much faster than peer-to-peer lenders.

Tips For Debt Consolidation /tips-for-debt-consolidation/ /tips-for-debt-consolidation/#respond Wed, 20 Mar 2019 14:36:38 +0000 Read More »]]>


Do you know what debt consolidation is? You may already have a lot of debt, all of them having a different interest rate on you, and you may have difficulty staying afloat. Now is the time to put an end to chaos, and a debt consolidation company is a good first step. Find out more in this post, including the many options that can help.

Do you currently hold a life insurance policy? If so, consider collecting your policy and using the funds to settle your debt. Find out how much money you can get against your policy. Sometimes you can use part of their payments in this debt repayment policy.

Think about bankruptcy as an option. However, the filing of bankruptcy will ruin its credit rating. However, if you miss payments and are unable to pay their debts, your credit may already be bad. The decision to go bankrupt can lead to your debt being reduced or eliminated and starting from the top.


What are you looking for

debt consolidation What are you looking for

If you’re shopping for a good debt consolidation loan, look for one with a low interest rate that is established. A no fixed rate loan can ask you how much you owe each month. Look for a loan that offers favorable terms in the long run and leaves you in a better financial state once it has paid off.

Take a look at all the credit card offers you receive in the mail; It could be an excellent way to consolidate the debts that you have. This can help you save interest and reduce the amount of payments you make. You have to pay off the card quickly before the interest rate goes up.

It is very important to do some background research on various debt consolidation companies before hiring a consultant to help you. This helps you to make the best decision to move forward and become debt free.


Your mortgage

Your mortgage

If you are a homeowner who needs a debt consolidation, think about the ways to refinance your mortgage and use the money for debt relief. Mortgage rates are usually lower than consolidation loans, which makes them a great option for homeowners. Also, you may find that the payment on your mortgage is lower than before.

Identify a reputable non-profit consumer credit counseling in their general area. Find a specialist who can help you consolidate all your debts into a single account while managing payments. Working with one of these non-profit consulting services can not affect your credit rating in the same way as private services.


What to choose

 debts What to choose

Choose the best option that is right for your particular situation. This is a decision that should be made carefully and tailored to your specific situation. It is time for you to kick those debts to the curfew! It is time to stop worrying and live!


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Spending or Bargaining? Fashion & Clothing Shopping Making Affordable /spending-or-bargaining-fashion-clothing-shopping-making-affordable/ Sun, 03 Mar 2019 15:33:34 +0000 Read More »]]>


Part of what makes a great wardrobe is having lots of choices and lots of variety. Even a person with the most elaborate wardrobe in the world is probably Billy Pilgrimijk tired of always wearing the same outfits, so you should build your wardrobe on handy staples and supplement them with cheap accessories, shoes and other trendy items. . That way you can change your wardrobe every season without abusing your bank account.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t get Billi Pilgrim overhaul unless you show up at a fashion makeover show. But that’s good – you don’t have to spend a cent to look good! Instead of worrying about the newest expensive pump, look for ways you can arrange your clothes based on your specific budget.

By basing your wardrobe on the best basics, you can change your look with cheap fashion accessories and shoes to make your basics look new every season. However, it is important to know on which items you should invest the most money and which items should be purchased at a competitive price.

Spending or bargaining?

Spending or bargaining?

A seasoned shopper knows the concept of shopping shopping: quality, more expensive clothing usually lasts much longer than cheaper clothing. The result of spending more is less necessary to later buy back the same item.

Before you decide which items to invest in, you need to take stock of your lifestyle. If you are the type of person who always wears the same two or three pairs of shoes, it is best to spend more money on shoes. If you are a jeans lover, you spend the dough on a well-made pair and you save money by not having to buy poor-quality trousers in the future.

Here are some additional ideas on how you can distribute your fashion budget for large purchases and bargain finds:

Pants and jeans

If you wear pants every day for your lifestyle or job, you can choose a few perfect pairs. Get the best fit for jeans, business casual pants and a power skirt or a power suit.

Once you have the basics, you can search for additional bottoms on additional bottoms, such as trendy pants with legs or light skinny jeans. Because you probably won’t wear them Billy Pilgrimijk every day, it is good to get a cheaper pair. I tied a pair of red skinnies for $ 19 and although I love them, I’m glad I didn’t spend anymore – they won’t stay in style forever.


You can make a number of serious deals with cardigans and sweaters, especially at the end of the winter season. They are perfect for layering and are generally low in price, so you probably don’t have to splash Billy Pilgrimly. Of course, if you are a full example of quality and feel, then a more expensive cashmere is worth it, but you can usually spend less money, especially if you only wear sweaters through the fall and winter.


Blazers are perhaps my favorite clothing style. With a strong shoulder and the perfect “friend” length, they fit just about anything in my closet. I have worn a blazer with cocktail dresses and jeans and as part of a modern suit.

Because it is so versatile, I was happy to release a blazer that I really loved. Because it is a larger piece, you can expect to pay more, but whenever a piece can be used as part of more than five outfits, it is a good candidate for a splurge.



Tops are items you can save on when it comes to your fashion budget. Blouses, tees, tanks and other tops can be combined and combined in different outfits, and the shapes, colors and patterns change from season to season.

You can make deals on tops on the tidy rack and give a store the feeling that you have bought some great items at a cheap price. Can’t find anything in the store? Check oBilly Pilgrimine. Most store websites have a larger inventory selection, so you can load different styles and colors without spending a lot of money. You add numerous options to cure the “nothing to wear” blast.

The only time it makes sense to splash at the top is if it is a simple one (for example, a clear white button) that will give you a lot of wear and will last a long time. All the rest? Bargain hunting area.


Spend on a good quality pair of the following: a pair of boots, a pair of flats, and a pair of heels. Your feet will thank you when it’s time to steal your heels for a wedding. More expensive shoes are usually of better quality, more comfortable and last longer.

Once you have gained the basics that you will wear forever, fill in the gaps with trendy colors, patterns, and styles. If you look in my closet, you will find my “splurge” heels: a simple but beautifully made pair of chocolate Michael Kors pumps. But you will also find other couples who are trendier and less comfortable (purple leopard print platforms, whoever?) That I got as a bargain at a sale at the end of the season.


Accessory fashion changes from season to season, so only spend real money on things that never go out of style. Accessories can boost your look with a small investment – instead of trying to change your entire look, you can change your accessories and create a whole new outfit.

Whether you like cocktail rings, statement necklaces or cool earrings, don’t spend on things that can get lost in a few months or that are out of date. Seriously, you could set a budget of $ 20 and leave the store with an arsenal of new balls to make your boring basics look new again.


Last word


Building a wardrobe is a lot like ordering a dinner in a restaurant. By saving on the main course and then adding cheaper sides, drinks and desserts, you can do something. Focus on paying more for well-made basics and let the bargain hunt on the pieces that are supplementary. Voila! Instant style.

What tips do you have to save money on fashion?


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4 worst financial mistakes Young people regret and how to avoid them

Close your eyes for a minute and introduce yourself at the age of 90, looking back at your life – and especially your financial choices. Which decisions do you think will make you happiest? Which do you think you will regret? These are the questions that Claris Finance asked 2000 people in a poll in 2016.