Simplify Your Finances: Organize Your Investments

11 Apr

 Simplifyng your investment strategy is a continuous process. It takes time to perfect. I am not even close to perfecting the investment strategy, partly because I was just starting to invest last year. But I will reveal to you my thoughts on how I want to invest in the next ten to twenty years. My strategy includes a pension account and investment in real estate.

Retirement Account (75% of the investment strategy): At the moment I am contributing the maximum amount to my 401 (k) which gives me the maximum matching contribution from my company. I deduct 6% of my income and receive 3% additional contributions from my company. If your company has a 401 (k) plan with a matching premium benefit, do NOT give this up. It’s free money and you can’t lose free money if you want to get rich. You can choose to have a 401 (k), an IRA or both. I’m going to keep my 401 (k) and soon open a Roth IRA, because I don’t like the limited amount of investment choices in my 401 (k). If you are younger than 40, I invest in your pension account in investment funds, investment funds and index funds. If you are over 40 years old, you may want to be a little more conservative with your investments, but you can still choose large-cap growth funds and index funds. You may want to use a high-yield bond fund or a growth fund that pays its dividend.

Investing in real estate (25% of the investment strategy): I will eventually build up a real estate portfolio, but I will do it in the unconventional way. I will pay in cash for my property, so the cash flow will be 100% less maintenance and tax costs. It is the only real fire to win with real estate. If you buy an investment property without money and expect to keep it for valuation, you can lose your shirt.

The most simplified investment strategy:

  1. Open a Roth IRA
  2. Buy 3 index funds and 3 large-caps Growth Mutual Funds
  3. Put 15% of your salary systematically on the account.
  4. Do not touch the account for at least 20 to 30 years!



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